As many of you have noticed, our old website went MIA some time ago. But no worries, our heroic IT team saved it from the internet’s graveyard at the very last moment and now our geeks are working very hard to give it a new lease of life! So yes, we are all (the website included) still alive and yes, the gallery still exists (the website too, though both are inaccessible to the public right now). We would like to thank all those who wrote us or called us or even tried passing by – only to discover the closed door – and generally were worried about us and/or impatient to see more art. We are preparing new, exciting projects – the new website among them – so stay tuned!

As for the other news, if you follow us on social media and/or are a part of our newsletter mailing list, you are probably aware that some time ago we started working with a Polish auction house called the Art-maniac Auction House (AMAH). On many of the AMAH’s auctions, you will find the artworks from our artists and our collection. So do not hesitate to explore their auctions available either on the OneBid platform or on the Invaluable platform, to register and to bid.