Andrzej Haladuda

Andrzej Haladuda is a Polish-American photographer, living and working in Paris and in New York. He was born in Poland, in 1952. He has a degree in historical studies. He acquired his photographic culture in France, where he was a researcher in the field of cinema, studied semiology of the image at the New Sorbonne, photography at the French Photographic Society, and photojournalism at the School of Journalism. After having worked for various public and private institutions, he became (and remains) an independent photographer. He was a professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. As a well-known photographer in Europe, Haladuda has shown his work in numerous exhibitions in France, the United States, and in Poland.

As explained by Anna Babinska, the artist’s representative, “Andrzej Haladuda was educated by his family in the Francophile and Occidental traditions, political and artistic.  It marked all his personal and professional future.

Attracted since his childhood by every expression of the image, from drawing to the cinema, by approach theoretical versus practice, he found as an adult his own way: to devote solely to photography, to its creation.  This so important decision was taken after having studied the history of culture at Poznan University and the semiology at the University of Sorbonne in Paris.  It was the mid-eighty.  At this time he starts his life, as he like repeat, in Paris, the city of his dreams,  in Paris, his home.  Then he took a two years photography course at the French Society of Photography in the Workshop of Professor Jean-Yves du Barré completed by photojournalistic training in the School of Journalism.  The next step was his photographic work for different private, public, and government French institutions crowned by an engagement as an assistant professor, still in the photographic domain, in Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.  In the end, he became an independent photographer, art photographer, fully at the beginning of his new, American life in New York City since 2002. 

Andrzej Haladuda’s artistic work can illustrate significantly, better than other sources, his European origin, his scholar, artistic, multimedia and general knowledge, his open-minded experimentation with different approaches and supports, and finally his style with two dominant components, French, “classical” or/and Slavonic, “romantic-expressionist”.  Numerous of his photographs were exhibited by well known French, Polish and American galleries and museums: French Society of Photography’s  Gallery, Museum National in Warsaw, The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, Bruce Silverstein in New York, etc. Different European festivals, newspapers, and magazines published his “Portraits” and some of his monographs.  National Museum in Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Art in Lodz, Centre National de la Photographie in Paris, The New York Public Library and many private collectors possess his works.

Andrzej Haladuda was awarded and granted fellowships and awards by universities, French Government, Foundation Michel Salomon Radochitzki, Paris Council and Ministry of French Foreign Affairs. Since 1990 he is a member of the Société Française de Photographie.”