Jan Lebenstein. In memoriam

May 30th – August 25th

Apocalypse. Dürer-Lebenstein-Majka

May 29th – September 29th

Jarek Kruk. (Dé)construction

March 28th – April 13th

Szukalski i Szczep Rogate Serce

February 21st – March 6th

Art-maniac. Exposition-vente

January 29th – February 16th

Piotr Betlej. Entourage

December 4th 2018 – January 12th 2019

100e anniversaire de l’Armistice

November 4th – November 11th

Au service de l’art et de la patrie

October 30th – November 30th

Polish Independence Poster

October 30th – November 16th

Polish Independence Poster

October 23rd – November 24th

Jan Lebenstein. Carnet incomplet

July 28th – September 9th

Agnieszka Kastelik. Par la fenêtre…

September 17th – October 6th

Marek Haladuda. Le sud est un voyage

September 17th – October 6th

Beksinski. In hoc signo vinces

May 20th – September 30th

Beksinski. In hoc signo vinces

December 5th 2017 – January 13th 2018

Artur Majka. Existences… 

September 19th – October 14th


June 27th – July 29th

Art of the Cross. The Cross in Art

March 24th – September 30th

Justyna Tuha. Monotypes

March 16th – April 15th

Witold Urbanowicz. Recto/Verso

February 10th – March 11th

Art of the Cross. The Cross in Art

November 25th 2016 – February 4th 2017

 Au service de l’art et de la patrie

November 6th – November 20th

Histoire du cœur de Paderewski

October 11th – October 15th

Jean-Pierre Izbinski. Entremêlés

July 8th – July 16th

Henryk Bukowski. Etapes

May 27th – June 25th

Boguslaw Schaeffer. Collages et…

April 15th – May 14th

Chassés du paradis

March 22nd – May 7th

La ville des femmes

February 2nd – March 12th

Jarek Kruk – peintures & dessins…

January 15th – February 20th

Zdzislaw Beksinski and other artists…

November 6th 2015 – January 9th 2016

Michal Batory. Posters

October 14th – December 5th

Witold Januszewski. Ce que m’a dit…

September 18th – October 30th

Janusz & Arthur Skowron. Whispers…

July 24th – September 12th

Chased from Paradise

March 27th – May 30th

Stefan Romecki. Animals & Cars

February 26th – March 14th

Marian Kasperczyk. Peinture périphérique

December 30th 2014 – February 21st 2015

Artur Majka / Ahmad Kaddour

December 16th 2014 – February 21st 2015

Une vie, une histoire… 

November 11th – December 6st

Jan Lebenstein. In memoriam (NY) 

October 23rd – November 13th

Jan Lebenstein. In memoriam 

May 23rd – July 5th

Piotr Betlej. Réflexions

April 11th – May 17th

Chased from Paradise

March 27th – May 30th

Photography – traces of time and emotion

December 5th 2013 – February 1st 2014

Pawel Jocz. In memoriam

October 22nd – November 16th

Marian Kasperczyk. Back to front painting

July 5th – September 14st

Stasys Eidrigevičius. Two streams…

July 5th – September 14st


Krzysztof Masiuk. Poland by night

February 21st – March 2nd

Artur Majka. Paintings, drawings…

December 6th 2012 – January 12th 2013

Le réel enchanté. Mois de la Photo

November 1st – December 1st

Bogdan Konopka. Ineffabilis

October 11th – October 30th

Andrzej Haladuda. Motifs parisiens

September 21st – October 10th

Artur Majka. Photography

September 6th – September 20th

Transformations. Works on paper

June 25th – August 7th

Joanna Flatau. Etats d’âme

March 8th – April 14th

Joanna Wierusz-Kowalska. Vers la…

January 21st – March 3rd

Aliska Lahusen. Laques et plombs

November 24th 2011 – January 14th 2012

Julia Dauksza. Paintings

October 21st – November 20th

Chased from Paradise

June 30th – September 10th

Rencontres. Axe Est-Ouest

July 21st – July 30th

Jozef Bury. Peindre encore

May 26th – June 25th

Michal Batory. Images sans titre

April 15th – May 17th

Piotr Strelnik. Recent works

February 3rd – March 5th

Ludwika Ogorzelec. Space Crystallization

November 25th 2010 – January 22nd 2011

Yannick Le Daniel. Méta(l)morphoses

October 2nd – October 16th

Collective exhibition    

August 5th – September 18th

Olivier Garcia. Formule Ones

June 29th – July 24th

Yarek Godfrey. BIENVENus

June 29th – July 24th

Tomasz Marczewski. Paintings

May 20th – June 19th

Witold Zandfos. Out of Africa

April 22nd – May 16th