Ania Borzobohaty

Ania Borzobohaty is a Polish-French artist, born in Paris in 1972. She lives and works in Paris, Grenada, and Warsaw. She graduated from the University Paris 8 Saint-Denis in the department of Visual Arts and from the University of Paris 2 Pantheon Sorbonne in the Information and Communication department. She also studied Fine Arts in Warsaw and Granada.

As explained by Bernard Fauchille, the director of the Montbeliard Museum: “Ania Borzobohaty is a young artist of Polish origin who sculpts the space. She seizes blocks of it, fragments them, refines them, arranges them into smaller elements, which she makes play with metallic planes, full or perforated, perpendicular, parallel to each other, motionless for the most part, or discreetly articulated for some. Reduced polychrome (black, yellow, gray, red) breaks any monotony. Each work – we find here the spirit of K. Kobro and H. Berlewi – plays subtly with space, light, shapes, lines, planes, volumes… Each element, in turn, directs a kind of chamber orchestra: none is privileged, each one plays his score perfectly and the time we take to admire it does the rest.”