Bô Gaultier de Kermoal

Bô Gaultier de Kermoal is a Vietnamese-French painter, film director, and actor. He was born in 1969 in Vietnam, of an Amerindian father and a Vietnamese mother. He arrived in France at the age of 3, where he settled in Brittany, which will become a source of inspiration for his most unusual path.

Trained in the hotel and catering industry, he first started his career in gastronomy. Then a long series of the most varied, professional experiences, made this man into an adventurer of life, who is not afraid of anything, except boredom. Meeting after meeting, journey after journey, his humanist soul was consolidated and it is then that Art takes on a whole meaning in his life.

At the end of the 1980s, a friend offered him his first canvas. Bô, who was sensitive to painting from a very young age, tried his hand at this new adventure, though he didn’t wish to exhibit his work in public. At the same time, he made his first steps on the scene. However, as usual, Bô did not stop there: he decided to go behind the camera and concentrated on making documentaries because it is the Human that interests him the most. Today, Bô flourishes in his art, and with every work, tries to convey messages and transmit testimonies that inspire him every day.

Bô’s painting reflects the images that made him into a man and artist he is today. It has a body and a mind. The colors, both natural and dreamlike at the same time, take hold of the matter to depict a moment and… the infinity. Insomniac, Bô paints at night, most often with acrylic paint mixed with natural pigments, the canvas flat on the floor. And when the light of day reveals the painting, it appears to be different… time plays a mise en abyme.

Among who were important for him or influenced him, Bô cites Modigliani, Nicolas de Staël and Pollock.