Krzysztof Zarebski

Krzysztof Zarebski is “an artist whose work encompasses intermedia and multimedia art, performances, film making, refined aesthetic photography, assemblages, objects and installations, painting, as well as creating set design. Born 1939 in Warsaw; he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw during the years 1962-1968. He is one of the pioneers and most prominent representatives of performance art in Poland, which he’s actively been engaged in since 1971. One of the most characteristic features of his art is to take, in a very brave manner, issues of the body, eroticism and sexuality, becoming more and more provocative with time, combined with performances and an aesthetic celebration of sublimated perversion and also lust, during which he utilizes fascinating, created by himself, requisite-fetishes of different kinds. From the beginning, music has always been a very important element of his performance, which appears in them in a variety of forms: from recordings on various media to music that is realized in collaboration with musicians and composers. In his performances the artist often appears with models, actresses, dancers and actors; sometimes in duet with his wife or his daughter.”

(Excerpt from “Medea in a Bath” press release, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, 2013)

Artist’s official website: Krzysztof Zarebski