Olivier Garcia

Olivier Garcia is a French artist of Spanish and Flemish descent.  He was born in 1956 in Lille to a Spanish father and a Flemish mother. His personal history is a crossroads of encounters and interlacing cultures. Fascinated from an early age by contemporary art (Fernand Léger, Picasso, Tapiès, Miro…) and by psychoanalysis, his encounter in 1986 with Jean-Michel Basquiat was a turning point: a trained GP, he nevertheless set his sights, by choice and by passion, on the design of contemporary furniture

In the 1990s he started creating reception benches, desks, luminaries and bookcases. This range of functional, contemporary furniture is designed essentially for demanding business clients. In 1992, one of Olivier Garcia’s star designs was certified by the VIA (a French government agency for the promotion of innovation in furniture design). In March 1994, Olivier Garcia designed several unique pieces for an exhibition of contemporary painting at the Enrico Navarra Gallery in Hong Kong, including Mr. Navarra’s reception desk. Little by little, he came to focus his artistic production on the design of unique pieces with a preference for solid, pure forms. In 2007 he participated in the Design Expo Exhibition (Espace des Blancs-Manteaux in Paris) and in 2008 in the « D-Room » gallery, also in Paris. Today Olivier Garcia is beginning to establish a reputation in the international art world, particularly in the Middle East.