The traveling exhibition “Encounters East-West Axis” brings together eight painters, German, French, and Polish. Its purpose is to communicate, exchange and express through painting the unitary process of European countries.

It started in Germany, at the Offenes Haus in Darmstadt (September 2nd – October 5th, 2010), then it was presented at the Melnikow Gallery in Heidelberg (October 10th – November 10th, 2010), Kunstraum Ko Gallery in Berlin (April 7th-24th, 2011), Delfiny Gallery in Warsaw, Poland (May 20th – June 15th, 2011), and then it finished its itinerary at the Galerie Roi Doré in Paris in July 2011.

The exhibition presents the artworks of: Mara Anders, Sabine Baer, Bernard Collet, Alexander Fleischer, Bruno Koper, Delfina Krasicka, Benja,in Orcajada, Karin Rindler, Marek Ruff, Anna Trochim.

Exhibition from July 21st ’till July 30th, 2011.