Bogdan Konopka “Ineffabilis”


The exhibition presents the works of Bogdan Konopka, Polish photographer and art critic, famous for his subtle, black & white photographs. The exhibition is a part of the series of events entitled “Polish photography in Paris and in the world” and prepared by the Gallery Roi Doré for the Mois the la Photo 2012.  

Bogdan Konopka’s photographs are somewhat against general trends and very often in black and white or rather “in gray”, exploiting the tone of the whole range of grays going from deep blacks to immaculate whites. His photographs are part of the most important collections in Europe and in the world (Center Georges Pompidou, National Museum of Modern Art, European House of Photography).

Exhibition from October 11th ’till October 30th, 2012.

Opening on October 11th, 2012.