4th edition of the Tadeusz Malinski NanoArt Fine Arts Contest

Following the success of the two first editions of the International NanoArt Contest in tribute to Professor Tadeusz Malinski (2012, 2015), the Gallery Roi Doré organized the 3rd edition of this event.

Professor Tadeusz Malinski is a world-renowned expert in the field of medicine, pharmacology, and chemistry, a pioneer in the field of nanomedicine and has been nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Medicine. However, his work remains little known to the general public. NanoArt Contest aims to promote research and to honor Professor Malinski’s innovative work, offering at the same time new sources of inspiration to the artists.

Thus, the Contest is part of a centuries-long tradition of the relationship between art and science, offering it at the same time a new dimension by referring to advanced technologies.

Forty six artists from Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain and Germany were qualified for the 3rd edition of the Contest.

The winners of the 3rd edition of the NanoArt Contest in tribute to Prof. Malinski are: Artur MAJKA (1st prize), Fabien YVON (2nd prize), Danuta Jarzynska (3rd prize).

Distinctions: Piotr BETLEJ, Bartlomiej BLAZEJOWSKI, Katarzyna BULKA-MATLACZ, Aleksandra KANN-BOGOMILSKA, Yvan MALINSKYY.

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