Chased from Paradise. Majka / Strelnik

The exhibition “Chased from Paradise. Majka / Strelnik” was organized thanks to the cooperation between the Galerie Roi Doré in Paris and the Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Częstochowie. It presents the artworks of two contemporary Polish artists who have been working abroad for many years. At the same time, the exhibition completes and is a contemporary answer to the Jan Lebenstein. In memoriam exhibition – together they show three generations of excellent Polish artists working in Paris after the Second World War.

The title of the event, provocative and subversive, refers to one of the most important motifs of the Western culture: the second chapter of the Book of Genesis, subjected to constant interpretations throughout the history of the civilization of the biblical circle. However, this title does not refer only to the history of religion or culture, but above all to the experience of emigrant artists who are always suspended between two worlds. The exhibition is an invitation to admire the richness of the Polish art scene in Paris, taking as an example the work of two artists who use different means of expression, take up different subjects, but both know the experience of emigration, which turns out to be a decisive element in their lives as people and creators.

Exhibition from May 31st ’till June 30th, 2019.

Opening on May 30th.