Jan Lebenstein. In Memoriam

City Art Gallery of Czestochowa

The exhibition “Jan Lebenstein. In Memoriam” was organized thanks to a cooperation between the Galerie Roi Doré from Paris and the Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Częstochowie. It presents the artworks of Jan Lebensteina, one of the greatest Polish artists of the 20th century. This year is a unique opportunity to commemorate this extraordinary, deeply original creator since it marks the 20th anniversary of his death and the 60th anniversary of his emigration to France.

The exhibition presents artist’s works on paper, including his lithographs from the “Carnet incomplet” series (1966), lithographs which were presented in 1973 at the artist’s individual exhibition at the famous Galerie Lambert in Paris, posters from the Lebenstein’s exhibitions, as well as a complete series of illustrations for the “Animal Farm” by G. Orwell.

The exhibition “Jan Lebenstein. In Memoriam” refers to the exhibition of the same title that the Galerie Roi Doré presented before in Paris (2014), New York (2014) and Sanok (2018).

Exhibition from May 31st ’till August 25thm 2019.

Opening on Thursday, May 30th.