emartgallery & Galerie Roi Doré
Pennsylvania, USA

This intimate, private exhibition presents Artur Majka’s artworks from the Homoanonymus series. Paintings and drawings from this series represent human silhouettes, more or less recognizable because human being always remains at the heart of the artist’s interests. At the same time, the line – energetic, more or less regular, “cardiographic”-like – invariably remains the key element of his work, being both the basis of his compositions, its starting point, and an inseparable part of the whole.

To quote Majka: “The Homoanonymus came to be in the Parisian subway. Among the crowds, I searched, and still do, for justification of its final abstract form. (…) There was no time for a deeply psychological portrait, just a swift sketch, a “note” of the passer-by, an anonymous human. In the end, a human is always the same, no matter the skin color, hairstyle, facial expression or psyche.”

Exhibition on March 25th, 2022

Place: Pennsylvania, USA