Piotr Strelnik. Recent works

The exhibition presents the latest artworks by Piotr Strelnik, Polish artist, living and working in France.

The work of Strelnik is deeply rooted in the European heritage (as proved by the artist’s early series in which he confronts Modern Masters, such as Chaim Soutine). He pays particular attention to the color and especially to the gesture of the artist, free of any constraint and being the very foundation of the composition.

Piotr Strelnik “Works on cardboard. 1986/87 vs 2015”

The exhibition Piotr STRELNIK – Works on cardboard. 1986/87 vs 2015 presents the artist’s evolution focusing on two key periods of his career. His works from the mid-1980s are opposed to his recent creations, the figurative to the non-figurative.

In his earlier paintings, the human figure is already reduced to large areas of strong colors, but it is still obvious and easily recognizable.

Chased from Paradise. Majka / Strelnik

The exhibition “Chased from Paradise. Majka / Strelnik” was organized thanks to the cooperation between the Galerie Roi Doré in Paris and the Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Częstochowie. It presents the artworks of two contemporary Polish artists who have been working abroad for many years.