We are proud to announce the creation of the very first collection of NFT artworks. It is a part of the “Homoanonymus” collection – a comprehensively prepared project, born in 1997 and consisting of a rich collection of works and a well-thought-out artistic philosophy. Learn more about the project

The genesis of the “Homoanonymus” project was a series of sketches, representing human silhouettes, started by Artur Majka after his arrival in Paris. Those swift sketches of people spotted on the streets, or in the subway were the starting point to his artistic research – their stylized forms can be found in his paintings, sculptures, or jewelry. To quote Majka: “The Homoanonymus came to be in the Parisian subway. Among the crowds, I searched, and still do, for justification of its final abstract form. (…) There was no time for a deep psychological portrait, just a swift sketch, a “note” of the passer-by, an anonymous human. In the end, a human is always the same, no matter the skin color, hairstyle, facial expression or psyche.” The “Homoanonymus” project consists currently of drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, but also of less conventional forms, following Majka’s research and experiences, such as art books, and also NFTs.

The first series of NFTs from the “Homoanonymus” collection is limited to 500 artworks. They are available on OpenSea. It is the very first collection of NFTs artworks created by one artist on purpose – designed as NFTs from the very beginning – and so comprehensively prepared from the artistic and theoretical viewpoint. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity for collectors wishing to enrich their collections with artistically interesting works, with equally significant investment potential.

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