Krzysztof Warlikowska & Hanna Krall in Paris

Krzysztof Warlikowska & Hanna Krall in Paris

Théâtre national de la Colline & Galerie Roi Doré are pleased to invite you to the theater show:

L’Odyssée. Une histoire pour Hollywood

from May 12th to 21st – Grand Théâtre

directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski

based on Homer’s Odyssey, The King of Hearts and Memory Returns by Hanna Krall 

from Tuesday to Saturday on 7:30 p.m.

duration 3h45, including an intermission

show in Polish with French and English subtitles

You can book your ticket(s) online or by phone on 01 44 62 52 52. Don’t forget to enter the ROIDORE22 code to get a discount (20€ instead of 30€ for normal tickets and 10€ instead of 15€ for under 30s)!

Online booking: 

Face à la politique ultra-conservatrice du gouvernement polonais en place, Krzysztof Warlikowski cherche à résister contre l’amnésie destinée à déformer l’Histoire, en rapprochant l’odyssée antique d’Ulysse et celle moderne d’Izolda. Cette femme des années quarante a elle-même provoqué sa déportation pour retrouver son mari. Des années plus tard, elle raconte son invraisemblable histoire à la romancière Hanna Krall. Un spectacle sur l’atrocité de la guerre, l’immensité de l’espoir et l’immortalité des récits, porté par une mise en scène cinématographique poignante et engagée.

Ludwik Lewin’s memorial service

Ludwik Lewin’s memorial service

Ludwik Lewin’s funeral will take place on Friday, May 13th, at the Pantin cemetery (Paris), at 2.30 pm.

Those who had closer contact with Ludwik realized for a long time that the chance of recovery was decreasing from week to week, and in April and early May 2022 – it was hard not to notice that his condition was deteriorating day by day and you had to think about the worst. He himself was not one of those who like to deceive themselves.
It is not easy to talk about Ludwik not so much in the past tense, because it is impossible to erase from the memory dozens if not hundreds of conversations, meetings, adventures, but with the awareness that it will be no longer possible to benefit from his knowledge and kindness. As well as from his insight. His intellectual honesty. By talking to him, reading his texts, listening to him on the radio and watching him on a TV or computer screen, one could quickly find out that he went beyond clichés and banalities. And that he does not accept any shortcuts, and at the same time that he can explain the most complicated matters in a clear and simple way. He was able to look at almost everything he did from behind the scenes without bothering his listeners or viewers. And no one could rival his knowledge about world cuisines and drinks, but also about the history and topography of Paris, London and Warsaw.

Fr. Marek Wittbrot, May 13th, 2022, somewhere near Bremen.

Photo: Ludwik Lewin in Artur Majka’s apartment (Paris, 2015) © Zbigniew Jankowski. Source: Ludwik Lewin’s Facebook page.

Ludwik Lewin passed away on May 8th

Ludwik Lewin passed away on May 8th

It is with great sadness that we share with you the information that has just reached us: after a long illness, Ludwik Lewin passed away today (on May 8th) in Paris. He was a journalist, essayist, poet, and art critic, for many years associated with the Polish artistic community in Paris. As a friend of many artists, he was a privileged witness to the evolution of this community, as well as to the life and work of many of his artist friends. Rest in peace.

Photo: Ludwik Lewin’s Facebook page